Jiaotong University

Jiaotong University is a station on Line 10 and Line 11 of the Shanghai Metro. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Jiaotong University
Chinese (simplified) 交通大学
Located on Line 10 and Line 11

Map of Jiaotong University

Tips near Jiaotong University

♿️ Elevator 1:public area of station hall near Exit 5 to ground, Elevator 2:middle of station hall to platform

ExploreMetro Access

Jan 8, 2014

Look for symbol underneath train time that looks like a 4 to Hongqiao train station.


Nov 17, 2019

First train/Last train

Photos near Jiaotong University


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  • 武康路歷史文化街 武康路歷史文化街
  • IMG_20240330_224139 IMG_20240330_224139

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