Longxi Road

Longxi Road is a station on Line 10 of the Shanghai Metro. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Longxi Road
Chinese (simplified) 龙溪路
Located on Line 10

Map of Longxi Road

Tips near Longxi Road

BUS: 519, 709, 748, 328, 57, 936, 925, 806, 911, 941, 809


Dec 8, 2011

Close to thé


Mar 13, 2012

Close to the HongMeilu ; a lot of occidental restaurants, great for strangers.


Mar 13, 2012

Close to the Hongqiao Marriott, Bubba's BBQ and Hongqiao Pearl City.


Mar 18, 2012

♿️ Elevator 1:platform towards Hongqiao Railway Station, Hangzhong Road to station hall, Elevator 2:middle of platform towards Xinjiangwancheng Station to station hall beside Customer Service Center , Elevator 3: outside of Exit 3 to station hall

ExploreMetro Access

Jan 8, 2014



Mar 8, 2014

Real end time south/east is 10pm!

Neighbor Nick

Jul 15, 2014

trains coming from Hanzhong lu are much less busy than trains coming from Hongqiao airport


Nov 9, 2014

For Hongqiao pearl city, take exit 2... turn right go straight.. cross d flyover.. u'll find it


Apr 7, 2016

Hongqiao pearl city...3721, Hongmei Road


Aug 3, 2016

Exit 3 for the Marriott


Oct 22, 2019

Laowaijie exit 2 nightlife


Oct 3, 2021

First train/Last train