Yaohua Road

Yaohua Road is a station on Line 7 and Line 8 of the Shanghai Metro. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Yaohua Road
Chinese (simplified) 耀华路
Located on Line 7 and Line 8

Map of Yaohua Road

Tips near Yaohua Road

Close to the China Expo Pavillion and Mercedes Benz Arena.


Nov 12, 2011

BUS: 177, 周南线, 974, 454, 981, 781, 隧道二线, 572, 万野专线, 314, 86, 818, 82, 978, 786, 576, 83


Dec 8, 2011

中国馆 20

Jun 26, 2012



Oct 10, 2013

Sports shop Decathlon


Apr 13, 2015

River Mall is next to the.metro station and can even be entered through the metro station exit. Many good places to eat and if you go into the neighborhoods across Pudong Road, there are many small mom and pop bisinesses that seeve great food and sell all


Apr 6, 2016

First train/Last train