Youyi Road

Youyi Road is a station on Line 3 of the Shanghai Metro. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Youyi Road
Chinese (simplified) 友谊路
Located on Line 3

Map of Youyi Road

Tips near Youyi Road

BUS: 淞盛线, 淞罗线, 淞嘉专线


Dec 8, 2011

♿️ Elevator 1:station hall towards North Jiangyang Road Station, Elevator 2station hall towards Shanghai South Railway Station

ExploreMetro Access

Jan 8, 2014

Go east on Pangu Road until the end to find a hidden park along the mouth of the Yangtze River. 用盘古路往东边走,终于会到密密的长江口公园。


Oct 24, 2015

Go see 宝山滨江公园. (baoshan binjiang gongyuan). Its a park alongside the ocean with a board walk. Very pretty. You can see chongming island across the water. Go after sunset. The entrance is at 吴淞口路 (wusongkou rd.) and 盘古路 (pangu rd.)


Aug 30, 2022

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