Longyang Road

Longyang Road is a station on Line 2, Line 7, Line 16 and Maglev of the Shanghai Metro. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Longyang Road
Chinese (simplified) 龙阳路
Located on Line 2, Line 7, Line 16 and Maglev
Pronounciation Lóngyáng Lù

Map of Longyang Road

Tips near Longyang Road

Exit 4 for Maglev to Pudong airport


Jan 18, 2016

decent Hanting hotel right next to exit 4, 200-250rmb poor night in clean room, little bit noisy, better bring ear plugs


Jan 27, 2015

Cheap Italian eatery on 2nd floor of mall above station, it's called Saizeryia and had plenty dishes mostly for 12-15rmb, dual language menu with photos.


Jan 27, 2015

Pharmacy across the road southwest maybe 3 minutes walk from exit 4/5. Same place also cheap Muslim restaurant with dishes for 9-16RMB mostly. Same place also small Lianhua supermarket.


Jan 27, 2015

Huge Metro supermarket north from subway station at exit 8 and 9.


Jan 27, 2015

Huge Century park 15 minutes walk north from here,ticket 10RMB.


Jan 27, 2015

McDonald's at exit 4-5


Apr 12, 2015

Decathlon Sports Shop


Aug 15, 2015

Metro supermarket next exit 7 of Line 2


8 months ago

Very fast transport Malglev line

Hyper Giant

3 weeks ago

First train/Last train